White Rose NDT Limited offers site based NDT, our sectors include listed


Current contracts include the NDT of refurbishment of in service train parts


UT, MT, Dye Pen visual inspection carried out on Raw castings and in service castings,

Forging wrought products

All NDT carried out at billet/rolled/machined in service states of forgings and at any time required for such things as creep measurements

Oil and Gas

Fabrication shop based NDT of in production fabrication , usually ,UT ,MPI, dye pen, and visual inspection

General Fabrication

general UT ,MPI, Dye Penetrant examination and visual of in production welds and welding

Rolled Plate Inspection

Usually ultrasonic examination looking for laminations in rolled plate

Structural Fabrication

The NDT, MPI, LPT,UT VT of customer in production structural steel welding and erection site welding inspection