White Rose NDT Limited offers you a committed customer service NDT package based in Barnsley South Yorkshire, service includes Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Liquid Penetrant testing and Visual Testing.

Carrying out Magnetic Particle Inspection on a Carbon Steel offshore fabrication.

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic Particle Inspection , usually known as MPI
Process for the detection of Surface and slightly subsurface flaws in ferromagnetic materials such as steel and iron, This is carried out site based by the use of electromagnetic Yoke, or client based bench unit

Carrying out Ultrasonic testing on a lifting point weld situated on a offshore fabrication.

Ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic Testing , usually termed UT
Process for the detection of subsurface defect flaws in metals, this carried out with pulse echo flaw detector and a series of detection probes, Process usually carried out on welds, castings & forgings or wrought products both in production and In service inspection.

Carrying out Dye penetrant Inspection on a internal stainless steel pipe spool. Image shows penetrant applied and soaking.

Liquid Penetrant Examination

Liquid penetrant Testing
Some times called Dye Penetrant Testing or dye pen
Process for the detection of surface breaking defects, using either colour contrast or black light detection, usually carried out on Welds, castings & forgings both in production and in- service inspection.

Visual examination of internal stainless pipe spool weld root with the aid of endoscope

In Service Inspection, visual inspection

Visual inspection of Welds, Castings & Forgings both in production and in-service parts. Another common use of Visual Testing is defect monitoring , in the photograph an Endoscope with a Camera is inspecting an internal weld root in a production pipe spool where direct viewing is not accessible due to the length of the spool.